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Northern Quarter is a culture design agency. We work with businesses to co-design productive work cultures that fit the needs and experiences of teams.
For many teams, cultural problems manifest in different ways - as breakdowns of communication, as rejections of responsibility, as failures of responsiveness, as fear of working in new ways. Often we only notice our work cultures when they hinder our development and productivity.

Designing a culture around your teams, their participants, their psychological and sociological needs, and the ways they work best, boosts productivity and unlocks creativity - and attracts quality candidates for new posts.
What We Do
We offer talks, facilitation and experiential training in culture design, introducing participants to design methodologies and the models and frameworks used by leading organisations to build happy, productive cultures.
Human-centred design is the leading school of product, service and digital design - anyone can design and create things that people really want and need. We bring user-experience and design theory from schools and organisations like the Design Council, Hyper Island and the Institute of Design at Stanford, and combine it with behavioural analysis from psychology, ethnography, and business, to build productive, happy working cultures.
Introducing Culture
An introduction to what culture is, and how we can use a greater understanding of team dynamics and human-centredness to design productive, happy cultures.
Mapping Culture
A day-long workshop to map out your existing team culture - and how team members and leaders feel about it. We'll also explore the culture design process, and your next cultural steps.
Designing Culture
A three-day workshop to co-design a new culture with your team, prototype and create new tools to keep it strong, and find ways to maintain and strengthen it over time.
Where We Work.
What do participants think?
Hyper Island

"You put us at ease, asked the right questions to encourage us to think and reflect more on what we discussed, offered flexibility, created a really positive atmosphere and encouraged and supported us - this was brilliant!"
Kuo Space

"I thought today would be a lot of team-building games and schticks, but I hadn't expect so much openness, sincerity and really understanding each other better."
Dotforge Impact

"When you think of training, it's usually dull, boring, repetitive... But with Rita and Dominic it was fun, engaging, and gave us tonnes of ideas we use daily in our business"
C Space

"I thought you were poised, confident, allowed for a lot of audience participation, and delivered your content clearly and articulately"
Who are Northern Quarter?
We've run our own agencies and startups, worked with international clients (like Coca-Cola, Vans, Adidas and Manchester City FC), led innovative social-good projects and co-created unique digital products with underserved groups, and each finished MA degrees in management.

We've seen the damage culture can do to teamwork, and the incredible productivity boosts a co-designed culture can generate.
Want to design a happier, more productive culture in your workplace? Get in touch.

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