Northern Quarter
Culture Design 16
Design a happier, more productive culture for your team.
Co-designed with investors and experts in culture design, this weekend gives you the tools to design happy, productive cultures in any team.
You already have a team culture. Isn't it time you designed one that works for you, not against you?
How can we make sure that the teams we're working in are productive, effective and innovative? When organisations the size and stature of Google are questioning how they develop their teams, how do the rest of us track and improve how we work? The answer is culture design. Using techniques and processes from service and product design, we can more closely understand what our teams need to be productive, and co-design new ways of working that fit us best.
Design Thinking
What is a designer? How do designers at Ideo, Apple, Lego, Mercedes, and other leading businesses and studios create, develop, test and iterate their ideas?
Team Cultures
What do our current team cultures look like? How did they become like this? What is the history of workplace culture, and where are we now?
Culture Design Principles
How can we use design principles to develop new team cultures, and what are the benefits of doing so?
Build, Measure, Learn
Put your skills to the test in your team by addressing a real-life brief from a client. Learn how to keep your culture in check and create opportunities to modify and adapt your team culture.
A quote from an investor about the importance of culture in finding new talent to invest in, and how it affects growth
A. N. Investor
CEO, Investment Company
A quote from a rich startup dude about culture and how important it is when you're growing.
Dmitry Serduk
Founder, $$$ Co.
About Northern Quarter
We've run our own agencies and startups, worked with international clients (like Coca-Cola, Vans, Adidas and Manchester City FC), led innovative social-good projects and co-created unique digital products with underserved groups, and each finished MA degrees in management. We've seen the damage culture can do to teamwork, and the incredible productivity boosts a co-designed culture can generate.
CD16 Weekend
— Expert advice in culture design
— All facilities access: printer, beverages, lockers, etc.
— Access from 8:00 to 22:00
— Networking opportunties with teams and investors
Per person
The best team culture is the one you design together.
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